Feb 22, 2010

Lil bit of updates..

The soul reason for not writing blogs for so long is that I had to shift to a new place which is Vellore. Vellore is a small town about 250kms from Chennai. You guys must be wondering what am I doing here.. Well am here for my further studies. It was a tough decision for me and my parents. But to some extent I was happy about the new thing that was happening in my life. Where most of my friends were crying their heart out since they didn't want to leave their friends and family and the place where they have been born and brought up , there I was : who was excited to shift to a new place.

The college am studying now has got a very good infrastructure and I had always wished to be a part of such a vast university. While my graduation days I used to dream of being in such a college and may be that is the reason why I wasn't as sad as my other friends were.. This was the first time I was getting an opportunity to stay all alone in between all strangers.

During my initial days in VIT, I saw girls in my hostel crying all day over the phone and getting home sick. I saw my friends undergoing the same depression too but then at the same time I kept pondering in my free time why didn't I feel the same. So finally I concluded that I lack the hormones that made my friends cry and feel bad. I made new friends and I was happy here. Slowly as the time passed every one got accustomed to their new life and got busy in their lives. The tough schedule in VIT actually helped all of us to overcome.

But then slowly I started hating the place because life here for me got monotonous. It slowly felt I had become a puppet and started hating my life. But never gave on it expecting tomorrow will be better.But alas life had become intolerable and frustrating until I met Rimi and Pallavi.

Well that's all for the day.. sorry got some work.. catch you guys soon..

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NesQuarX said...

Good to know that the puppeteer broke a string. I hope to hear more snaps as the blog is reborn.

ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

ya i hope ill be updating it from tym 2 tym now... but no more pics i guess.. coz i dun have my camera wid me nemore [:(] sorry 2 say

NesQuarX said...

tch... same here, I'm hoping to get a new one soon. Best of cam-luck to us!

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