Jul 25, 2012

Following the strangers footsteps

Offlate I have developed this new hobby of getting late for the office. My boss has not been saying anything yet but I know someday he is gonna give me piece of his mind. Every morning I plan what excuse can be given to him if he chooses the day as the "D-Day".

Just like evry other day, today also I woke up late (but had a genuine reason for a change), but was least bothered to plan what to say. I got ready, without any hurry I left for my job. I missed three buses and then finally boarded in one which looked crowded from outside but was half filled when I entered. I passed my Rs.10 note to this stranger who gave me a cute smile, took the money and smelled it ( like a gangstar) and gave it away to the conducter. His expression really amused me a bit and I thought "wot a comic character". Strangely, he also told the conducter " bhaiya 5 rupae ka ticket dena". I thought that was so nice of him to say to the conducter but then the very next second I realised I didnot mention that I needed a Rs.5 ticket. Strange isn't it ?? I deboarded the bus when my it reached my destination. Green signals always scare me and as always I stood puzzled on my way while crossing the road. The same guy just crossed me and I just followed his footsteps. He crossed the roads in a very risky manner yet i followed him and managed to cross the road without getting hit by any car. I found it pretty amazing 'coz none yelled at me this time (which is very unusual). I headed towards my office and I saw him again waiting for I don't know who!!! I just entered my office and out of curosity I looked back but did not find him.

In my subconcious mind I just thought " in a very strange way a stranger just helped me out." :P

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